3 hacking forums have been hacked and database have been leaked online

Three hacking forums Nulled.ch, Sinfulsite.com, and suxx.to have been hacked and their databases have been leaked online

Researchers from intelligence firm Cyble made the headlines again, this time they have discovered online the databases of three hacking forums. The three forums are Sinful Site, SUXX.TO and Nulled, they were all hacked.

Databases of three #Hacking #Forums (https://t.co/N8oLwEDeGR, https://t.co/52fDIGz3y2, and https://t.co/hVDYOa1W0C) Got Breached. All these databases have been indexed at https://t.co/YwyH86iKrg https://t.co/XDQTo0gpej#cyber #cybersecurity #hacked #hackingforums pic.twitter.com/bYqmlERy2y— Cyble (@AuCyble) May 24, 2020These cybercrime forums are places of aggregations for hackers and cybercriminals, that could use them to participate in general discussion and sharing related resources.

Members of the forums share and sell data leaks, hacking tools, malware, tutorials, and much more. The databases appear to have been leaking in May 2020.

“Recently, the Cyble Research Team obtained the database leaks of these hacking forums which appear to have been leaking in May 2020. The Cyble’s researchers obtained-:

The databases of SUXX.TO and Nulled contains detailed information of their users, which appears to be dumped on 20 May 2020.The full database of Sinful Site including the private messages, which appear to be dumped on 15 May 2020.” reads the post published by security firm Cyble.

Cyble experts said that all the above databases have been indexed at AmIBreached data breach lookup service.

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Pierluigi Paganini

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