Computers at Indiana County infected with a ransomware

The Indiana County is the last victim in a wave of ransomware attacks that hit US cities, officials are investigating the extent of the attack.

The computer systems of the Indiana County were hit by a ransomware attack, officials are currently investigating the extent of the attack.

Officials of an Indiana county say they are trying to determine the extent of a malware attack on the county’s computers.

Vigo County Commissioner Judith Anderson revealed that commissioners were informed of a ransomware attack early Tuesday.

At the time experts have yet to determine the family of malware that hit the Indiana County.

“Information technology department director Jeremy Snowden says he is not completely sure what virus was used in the attack, adding the county has not received a request for money. He also says it isn’t known if vital information has been compromised.” reported the Associated Press.

According to Commissioner Brad Anderson, the county is currently working with a security firm to investigate the attack.

This incident is the last of a long wave of ransomware-based attacks that hit US cities and counties.

Early July, Government computer systems atLa Porte County, Indiana, were shut down after a cyber attack that hit them on July 6. The County finally decided to pay $130,000 ransom.

Recently other administrations decided to pay the ransom to decrypt their files. Crooks earned a total of over $1 million in June from the attacks on two municipalities in Florida, Lake City and Riviera Beach.

In April, Stuart City was victim of the Ryuk Ransomware, but it refused to pay the ransom. Early March, another city was hit by the same ransomware, computers of Jackson County, Georgia, were infected with Ryuk that paralyzed the government activity until officials decided to pay a $400,000 ransom to decrypt the files.

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