Dirty Pipe Linux flaw allows gaining root privileges on major distros

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Dirty Pipe is a Linux vulnerability, that can allow local users to gain root privileges.

Security expert Max Kellermann discovered a Linux flaw, dubbed Dirty Pipe and tracked as CVE-2022-0847, that can allow local users to gain root privileges on all major distros.

The vulnerability affects Linux Kernel 5.8 and later versions.

The CVE-2022-0847 vulnerability allows overwriting data in arbitrary read-only files, which could lead to privilege escalation because unprivileged processes can inject code into root processes.

Kellerman explained that the flaw is similar to CVE-2016-5195, aka Dirty Cow, and is more dangerous because it is easier to exploit.

Max has described what happens.

Kellerman published technical details about the Dirty Pipe flaw along with a proof-of-concept (PoC) exploit that allows local users to overwrite any file contents in the page cache, even if the file is not permitted to be written, immutable or on a read-only mount.

BleepingComputer reported a tweet published by the security researcher Phith0n who explained that it is possible to use the exploit to modify the /etc/passwd file to set the root user without a password. Using this trick a non-privileged user could execute the command ‘su root’ to gain access to the root account.

Why did I overwrite the /etc/passwd?Because this file saves all the user information on Linux.I remove the “x” flag behind the “root” user, it means that I set an empty password for this user. So I can use “su root” to escalate privilege without credentials.— Phith0n (@phithon_xg) March 7, 2022The researcher Phith0n also published an updated version of the exploit that allows gaining root privileges by overwriting a SUID program like ./exp /usr/bin/su to drop a root shell at /tmp/sh and then executing the script.

the timeline for the vulnerability

2021-04-29: first support ticket about file corruption2022-02-19: file corruption problem identified as Linux kernel bug, which turned out to be an exploitable vulnerability2022-02-20: bug report, exploit and patch sent to the Linux kernel security team2022-02-21: bug reproduced on Google Pixel 6; bug report sent to the Android Security Team2022-02-21: patch sent to LKML (without vulnerability details) as suggested by Linus Torvalds, Willy Tarreau and Al Viro2022-02-23: Linux stable releases with my bug fix (5.16.11, 5.15.25, 5.10.102)2022-02-24: Google merges my bug fix into the Android kernel2022-02-28: notified the linux-distros mailing list2022-03-07: public disclosureServers running outdated kernel versions are exposed to attacks exploiting this flaw.

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