Fairplay stories how fair is the Play

a well know term in the soccer arena is Fairplay.
Nice words.

Fairplay stories
how fair is the Play

But useless 🙂
Since Money, Power & Influence are ruling the Soccer Game, like more games these days. So, You cannot expect Fairplay. Or trust.

If Soccer teams are bought by Russian and Chinese billionaires there expectations are higher then the beauty of soccer and Fairplay.
In Information Security we noticed a non-hacking agreement between China and Russia. Fairplay in Hacking for those who don’t know..

If it isn’t a joke, it’s even funnier.:-)
Both countries have never be honest about their hacking and espionage programs, why an agreement is required?
They need their espionage on larger scale since the NSA and GCHQ is collecting more information then ever.

We’re living in a world where the collection of information is bypassing the sky already. BND (allied partner of the NL) is tapping phone traffic from the Netherlands for the NSA.

In sports and politics there no friends, only temporary partners.