Group-IB CEO Ilya Sachkov sentenced to 14 years in a strict prison colony

Ilya Sachkov, CEO and co-founder of Group-IB was sentenced to 14 years in a high security prison colony according to the Moscow court announcement.

As per the announcement from the Moscow court, Ilya Sachkov, the CEO and co-founder of Group-IB, has been sentenced to 14 years in a high-security prison colony.

Sachkov listened to the verdict from a glass cage in the courtroom and nervously reacted as the sentence was announced by Judge Alexander Rybak. 

Prior to that, his brother Dmitriy in comment to the media mentioned a possible attempt to poison Sachkov which caused severe health issues, but that hasn’t been confirmed independently and remains foggy.

Before his arrest, Sachkov pointed the finger at one of Russia’s top Federal Security Service (FSB) officers, Oleg Kashentsev, accusing him of orchestrating his prosecution.

Later, he changed his story to be the complete opposite, and accused unnamed American Intelligence Agencies of his arrest, as cited by “The Record” and mentioned the same in his official Telegram account.

Both statements seem to be extremely conflicting – the editorial team at Security Affairs was not able to validate them independently.

Group-IB’s head of network security Nikita Kislitsin has been detained in Kazakhstan and has been accused of computer crimes based on the red notice issued via INTERPOL by law enforcement. 

The latest executive order from the Italian National Cybersecurity Agency (NCA) banned Group-IB, a Russian-led cybersecurity company from working in the government sector, including 2 other Russian companies.

Security Affairs addressed questions to relevant law enforcement officials requesting comments and will be updating the story.

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