Mariah Carey ‘s Twitter Hacked on New Year’s Eve

Another celebrity was the victim of the hackers, Mariah Carey ‘s Twitter account appears to have been hacked on New Year’s Eve.

The Twitter account of Mariah Carey was hacked on New Year’s Eve, attackers posted a series of offensive, racist and lewd tweets. The messages also contained sexual insults against the about rapper Eminem.

“Mariah Carey’s Twitter account appeared to have been hacked Tuesday afternoon, a company spokesperson confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter. ” readsThe Hollywood Reporter. 

“Screenshots show a series of inappropriate tweets apparently sent out from Carey’s account — the singer has 21.4 million followers on Twitter — on New Year’s Eve.”

The tweets began around 3 pm PST and continued throughout the day, several messages used the N-word and tagged other Twitter accounts.


we’re really ending this decade with mariah carey’s twitter being hacked, huh?— 𝑨𝒍𝒆𝒙 (@RuneAlexandra) December 31, 2019The tweets were quickly deleted, some media attribute the hack to the hacking collective known as “Chuckling Squad.”

The Chuckling Squad has taken credit for a number of attacks on high-profile Twitter accounts, including beauty vlogger James Charles, the Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, the Instagram account of Robert Downey Jr, the actress Chloë Moretz, and the account belonging to YouTube personality Desmond Amofah, known as @Etika, who died earlier this year in an apparent suicide.

It is not clear how hackers compromised the Mariah Carey ‘s account, in the hack of Dorsey’s account attackers used SIM-swapping attack to take over the account.

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