Pro-Russia group NoName took down multiple France sites, including the French Senate one

The French Senate’s website was taken offline by a DDoS attack launched by the pro-Russian hacker group NoName.

The pro-Russia hacker group NoName is claiming responsibility for a DDoS attack that took the website of the French Senate offline.

“Access to the Senate website has been disrupted since this morning, our team is fully mobilized to remedy the malfunctions. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.” reads a tweet published by the French Senate.

L’accès au site internet du Sénat est perturbé depuis ce matin, notre équipe est pleinement mobilisée pour remédier aux dysfonctionnements. Nous vous prions de bien vouloir nous excuser pour la gêne occasionnée.— Sénat (@Senat) May 5, 2023The group NoName announced on Telegram the cyber attacks against multiple French entities, including the French Senate, the French National Institute of Labour, Employment and Vocational Training, the National Center for Space Research of France, and the French defense company Naval Group.

The group launched the attack as a retaliation for the support of the France government to Ukraine.

Starting since March 2022, the NoName057(16) has been one of the most active collectives targeting Western organizations with DDoS attacks.

If you want to monitor the activity of the group give a look at the Noname057(16) Attack Tracker that was developed by my colleague, the cyber security expert Luca Mella.

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