Pro-Ukraine Cyber Anarchy Squad claims the hack of the Russian telecom provider Infotel JSC

Pro-Ukraine hackers Cyber Anarchy Squad claimed responsibility for the attack that hit Russian telecom provider Infotel JSC.

Pro-Ukraine hacking group Cyber.Anarchy.Squad claimed responsibility for an attack on Russian telecom provider Infotel JSC. The company provides connectivity services to the Russian banking system, for this reason, the attack had a severe impact on the operations of major banks in the country.

The hackers also defaced multiple websites showing messages from the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“JSC “Infotel” is a Moscow-based provider responsible for the interaction of the Central Bank of Russia with other legal entities in Russia (banks, online stores, credit organizations, etc.).” states the Ukrainian news site Economichna Pravda. “Due to a cyberattack, the main banks of Russia and credit organizations throughout the Russian Federation do not have access to banking systems and cannot make payments. Interruptions with communication in Moscow are also possible.”

Infotel JSC is working to restore impacted systems, the company confirmed that the attack damaged some of its network equipment.

“We inform you that as a result of a massive hacker attack on the network of Infotel JSC, a part of the network equipment was damaged. Restoration work is currently underway. Additional deadlines for completing the work will be announced.” reads a message published on the website of the Russian provider.

As proof of the hack, Cyber Anarchy Squad published a series of images, including diagrams of the network infrastructure of Infotel and screenshots for a compromised email account.

“Fuck off, the earth with concrete. All their infrastructure was destroyed, nothing living was left there. Let’s try everything now – chances of style, Rashka’s skills on an easy life. Give more.” reads the message published by Cyber Anarchy Squad on its Tor channel.

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