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Cisco addresses CVE-2019-12643 critical flaw in
virtual Service Container for IOS XE

Malspam campaign bypasses secure email gateway using
Google Docs

New Google bug bounty allows reporting the abuses of
Google API, Chrome, and Android user data

Flight booking platform Option Way exposes customer
and internal data

The role of a secret Dutch mole in the US-Israeli
Stuxnet attack on Iran

US cyberattack temporarily paralyzed the ability of
Iran to target oil tankers in the Gulf

XMR crypto miner switches from arm IoT devices to
X86/I686 Intel servers

Crooks stole €1.5 million from German bank OLB
cloning EMV cards

One million cracked Poshmark accounts being sold

USBAnywhere BMC flaws expose Supermicro servers to

Writing Your First Bootloader for Better Analyses

XKCD forum data breach impacted 562,000 subscribers

Zao app went viral but raised serious privacy

Android Zero-Day exploits are the most expensive in
the new Zerodium price list

Cyber Defense Magazine – September 2019 has arrived.
Enjoy it!

Experts devised advanced SMS phishing attacks
against modern Android-based phones

JSWorm: The 4th Version of the Infamous Ransomware

Some Zyxel devices can be hacked via DNS requests

Creator of multiple IoT botnets, including Satori,
pleaded guilty

Hundreds of millions of Facebook users phone numbers
exposed online

New Bedford city infected with Ryuk ransomware, but
did not pay $5.3M ransom

Twitter temporarily disables feature to tweet via
SMS after CEO hack

Year-Old Samba flaw allows escaping from the share
path definition

Zero-day vulnerability in Android OS yet to be

CVE-2019-15846 Exim mail server flaw allows Remote
Code Execution

Over 600k GPS trackers left exposed online with a
default password of ‘123456

PHP new versions fix multiple code execution issues

Experts add a BlueKeep exploit module to MetaSploit

Google report on iPhone hack created ‘False
Impression, states Apple
Thousands of servers infected with the Lilocked Ransomware

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