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Experts found 17 apps in the Apple App Store infected with clicker Trojan
NCSC Report: U.K. neutralized over 600 cyber attacks
this year

Ransomware hit TrialWorks, law firms and lawyers
were not able to access court documents

New FuxSocy Ransomware borrows code from defunct

Raccoon info stealer already infected 100,000+

SWEED targets precision engineering companies in

U.S. fast-food restaurant chain Krystal suffered a
payment card incident

UniCredit bank discloses a data breach that impacted
3 million of Italian clients

Up to 2,000 Georgia websites have been hit by cyber

Details for 1.3 million Indian payment cards
available on the dark web, its the biggest single card database ever

Fancy Bear continues to target sporting and
anti-doping organizations

US Federal Communications Commission proposes
cutting off funds for Chinese telecom equipment

Users online claim Kudankulam nuclear power plant
was hit by a cyber attack

Emsisoft released a free decryption tool for
Paradise ransomware

Its official, administrative network at Kudankulam
Nuclear Power Plant was infected with DTrack

Network Solutions data breach – hacker accessed data
of more 22 Million accounts

Thousands of Xiaomi FURRYTAIL pet feeders exposed to

WhatsApp sued Israeli surveillance firm NSO Group
and its parent Q Cyber Technologies

Xhelper, a new piece of Android malware that is
infecting 2K+ devices each month

21 Million stolen credentials from Fortune 500
companies available on the dark web

China-linked APT41 group targets telecommunications
companies with new backdoor

eIDAS flaws allowed attackers to impersonate any EU
citizen or business

Hackers behind Uber and Lynda hacks plead guilty in
data breaches

Israel is going to extradite to US the Russian
hacker Alexei Bourkov

CVE-2019-13720 flaw in Chrome exploited in Operation
WizardOpium attacks

Facebook agrees to pay a fine of $643,000 in
Cambridge Analytica scandal

Kaspersky researchers found a Chrome 0-day exploited
in attacks in the wild

sPower it the first renewable energy provider hit by
a cyber attack that caused communications outages

CVE-2019-2114 flaw allows hackers to plant malware
on Android devices via NFC beaming

Desjardins credit union data breach bigger than
initially thought

Proton Technologies makes the code of ProtonMail iOS
App open source

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