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Coronavirus-themed attacks April 26 – May 02, 2020Cyber Threats Observatory Gets ImprovementsIndias Jio Coronavirus symptom checker exposed test resultsTOKOPEDIA e-commerce hacked, 91 Million accounts available on the darkwebDHS CISA alert provides recommendations on securing Office 365 installsHackers are scanning the internet for vulnerable Salt installs, Ghost blogging platform hackedLineageOS servers hacked, attackers exploited unpatched Salt issuesMicrosoft spotted multiple malspam campaigns using malware-laced ISO and IMG filesNation-state actors are targeting UK universities to steal info on COVID-19 researchCAM4 adult cam site leaked 11M database records including emails, private chatsExpert released PoC exploit for CVE-2020-1967 DoS flaw in OpenSSLGoDaddy discloses a data breach, web hosting account credentials exposedKaiji, a new Linux malware targets IoT devices in the wildRecorded Future to Provide Free Access to Elite Intelligence Through New Browser Extension9% of SAPs 440,000 customers impacted by security bugs in some cloud productsData belonging 44 Million Pakistani mobile users leaked onlineLaw enforcement agencies dismantled Infinity Black hacker groupShipping Giant Toll suffered a second ransomware attack in a few monthsUnacademy hacked, 22 million accounts offered for saleBrazilian trojan banker is targeting Portuguese users using browser overlayIssues in Elementor Pro and Ultimate Addons for Elementor exposed 1 Million WordPress sites at riskNaikon APT is flying under the radar since 2015Poulight Stealer, a new Comprehensive Stealer from RussiaSamsung fixes a zero-click issue affecting its phonesSnake Ransomware hits Europes largest private hospital operator Fresenius during COVID-19 outbreakMassive cyber attack forced Ruhr University Bochum (RUB) to shut down its IT infrastructureMicrosoft investigates claims that its GitHub account has been hackedPhishers turning hard-working: CERT-GIB records upsurge of phishing resource blockages as duration of attacks grows3.68 Million MobiFriends User details leaked onlineNorth Korea-linked Lazarus APT uses a Mac variant of the Dacls RATSilverTerrier gang uses COVID-19 lures in BEC attacks against Healthcare, Government OrganizationsSodinokibi gang hacked law firm of the celebrities and threatens to release the docs

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