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230k+ Indonesian COVID-19 patients records for sale in the DarkwebCOVID-19 themed attacks are just a small percentage of the overall threatsNew Shlayer Mac malware spreads via poisoned search engine resultsUS deported NeverQuest operator Stanislav Vitaliyevich Lisov to RussiaA new variant of the IcedID banking Trojan spreads using COVID-19 luresAMD is going to patch UEFI SMM callout privilege escalation flawCrooks leverage Google Analytics in web skimming attacksMoroccan journalist targeted with network injection attacks using NSO Group ‘s spywareNew Zealand freezes assets of Russian cyber criminal Alexander VinnikA daily average of 80,000 printers exposed online via IPPBlueLeaks: 269GB of data from US law enforcement organizations leaked onlineCLOP Ransomware operators hacked Indian conglomerate IndiaBulls GroupFxmsp: the untold story of infamous seller of access to corporate networks who made at least USD 1.5 mlnCryptoCore hacker group stole over $200M from cryptocurrency exchangesFrost & Sullivan databases available for sale on a hacker forumNew XORDDoS, Kaiji DDoS botnet variants target Docker serversREvil ransomware gang scans healthcare victims network for PoS systemsVMware addresses critical flaws in Workstation and FusionVon der Leyen said Chinese cyberattacks on EU hospitals cannot be toleratedAkamai mitigated the largest ever PPS DDoS attackMaze ransomware operators claim to have breached LG ElectronicsMicrosoft issues guidance to defend Exchange servers under attackCrooks hide e-skimmer code in favicon EXIF MetadataDeveloper of DDoS Mirai based botnets sentenced to prisonNew Lucifer DDoS botnet targets Windows systems with multiple exploitsFrance Télévisions group hit by a cyber attack, its antennas were not impactedNVIDIA addressed multiple code execution issues in GPU DriversThe man behind Cardplanet credit card market sentenced to 9 years in prison

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