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Diebold Nixdorf warns of a wave of ATM black box attacks across EuropeGhost Squad Hackers defaced a second European Space Agency (ESA) site in a weekTwitter reveals that hackers also downloaded data from eight compromised accountsA flaw in Zooms Vanity URL feature could have been exploited in phishing attacksREVil ransomware infected 18,000 computers at Telecom ArgentinaTedrade banking malware families target users worldwideTwo more cyber attacks hit Israels water facilities in June7 VPN services left data of millions of users exposed onlineBadPower attack could burn your device through fast chargingCloud computing provider Blackbaud paid a ransom after data breachPhishing campaign aimed at stealing Office 365 logins abuses Google Cloud ServicesUS DoJ charges Chinese hackers for targeting COVID-19 researchAdobe fixed critical code execution flaws in Bridge, Photoshop and Prelude productsCitrix Workspace flaw can allow remote hack of devices running vulnerable appDozens of unsecured databases wiped by mysterious Meow attackUS agencies offer $2M in reward for Ukrainian hackers that breached the SECUS DoJ charged two Chinese hackers working with MSSGarmin shut down its services after an alleged ransomware attackNew MATA Multi-platform malware framework linked to NK Lazarus APTPoC Released for Critical CVE-2020-1147 flaw, SharePoint servers exposed to hackPrometei, a new modular crypto-mining botnet exploits Windows SMBCVE-2020-3452 flaw in Cisco ASA/FTD exploited within hours after the disclosureSpanish state-owned railway infrastructure manager ADIF infected with ransomwareTwitter revealed that hackers accessed DM Inboxes in July attackD-Link addressed 5 flaws on some router models, some of them reached EoLThreat actors are hijacking the infamous Emotet botnetUS CISA warns of attacks exploiting CVE-2020-5902 flaw in F5 BIG-IP

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