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Records for 7.5 million users of the digital banking app Dave leaked onlineREMnux 7, a Linux toolkit for malware analysts releasedFBI warns cyber actors abusing protocols as new DDoS attack vectorsGarmin says many of the systems are returning to operationNSA/CISA joint report warns on attacks on critical industrial systemsShadow attacks allow replacing content in signed PDF filesSource code of Cerberus Android Trojan offered for sale for $100,000FBI warns US companies on the use of Chinese Tax SoftwareHacking IoT & RF Devices with BürtleinaBoardNefilim ransomware operators leaked data alleged stolen from the Dussmann groupPirate Ship Sailing to Developing World: Group-IB Uncovers Real Captains of Online Piracy CrewQSnatch malware infected over 62,000 QNAP NAS DevicesShinyHunters leaked over 386 million user records from 18 companiesDoki, an undetectable Linux backdoor targets Docker ServersNorth Korea-Linked Lazarus APT is behind the VHD ransomwareU.S. experts claim China-linked hackers have infiltrated Vatican networksBootHole issue allows installing a stealthy and persistent malwareExpert discloses details of 3 Tor zero-day flaws … new ones to comeOperation North Star – North-Korea hackers targeted US defense and aerospace companiesCisco fixes critical and high-severity flaws in Data Center Network ManagerEU has imposed sanctions on foreign actors for the first time everIndieFlix streaming service leaves thousands of confidential agreements, filmmaker SSNs, videos exposed on public serverUpdates provided by Red Hat for BootHole cause systems to hangFour individuals charged for the recent Twitter hackThe author of FastPOS PoS malware pleads guiltyTrump says he will ban popular Chinese video app TikTok in the US

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