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Twitter confirmed that a security incident publicly exposed Circle tweetsFBI seized other domains used by the shadow eBook library Z-LibraryWordPress Advanced Custom Fields plugin XSS exposes +2M sites to attacksFortinet fixed two severe issues in FortiADC and FortiOSPro-Russia group NoName took down multiple France sites, including the French Senate oneNorth Korea-linked Kimsuky APT uses new recon tool ReconSharkFleckpe Android malware totaled +620K downloads via Google Play StoreCisco EoL SPA112 2-Port Phone Adapters are affected by critical RCEExperts devised a new exploit for the PaperCut flaw that can bypass all current detectionFacebook warns of a new information-stealing malware dubbed NodeStealerRussia-linked Sandworm APT uses WinRAR in destructive attacks on Ukraine’s public sectorCity of Dallas shut down IT services after ransomware attackAuthorities dismantled the card-checking platform Try2CheckPasswordless sign-in with passkeys is now available for Google accountsHackers are taking advantage of the interest in generative AI to install MalwareResearchers found DoS flaws in popular BGP implementationFBI and Ukrainian police seized 9 crypto exchanges used by cybercriminalsSpecTor operation: 288 individuals arrested in the seizure of marketplace Monopoly MarketThe first iPhone Rapid Security Response update released by Apple fails to installFortinet warns of a spike in attacks against TBK DVR devicesNorth Korea-linked ScarCruft APT uses large LNK files in infection chainsCISA adds TP-Link, Apache, and Oracle bugs to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities catalogNew Lobshot hVNC malware spreads via Google adsT-Mobile suffered the second data breach in 2023Experts spotted a new sophisticated malware toolkit called Decoy DogGerman IT provider Bitmarck hit by cyberattackIranian govt uses BouldSpy Android malware for internal surveillance operationsRussian APT Nomadic Octopus hacked Tajikistani carrierGoogle banned 173k developer accounts in 2022Crooks broke into AT&T email accounts to empty their cryptocurrency walletsRussia-linked APT28 uses fake Windows Update instructions to target Ukraine govt bodiesWhite hat hackers showed how to take over a European Space Agency satelliteInternational Press


Bitmarck, one of Germany’s largest IT providers, hit by cyberattack  

T-Mobile discloses second data breach since the start of 2023

288 dark web vendors arrested in major marketplace seizure  

FBI disrupts virtual currency exchanges used to facilitate criminal activity

Cybercriminal Network Fueling the Global Stolen Credit Card Trade is Dismantled  

City of Dallas impacted by ransomware attack, police computer dispatch system down  

Z-Library eBook site disrupted again by FBI domain seizures  


Thales seizes control of esa demonstration satellite in first cybersecurity exercise of its kind   

TBK DVR Authentication Bypass Attack

The Art of Information Disclosure: A Deep Dive into CVE-2022-37985, a Unique Information Disclosure Vulnerability in Windows Graphics Component

Finding XSS in a million websites (cPanel CVE-2023-29489)  


ViperSoftX Updates Encryption, Steals Data 

Lookout Discovers Android Spyware Tied to Iranian Police Targeting Minorities: BouldSpy   

Dog Hunt: Finding Decoy Dog Toolkit via Anomalous DNS Traffic   

Elastic Security Labs discovers the LOBSHOT malware   

Meta says ChatGPT-related malware is on the rise

The malware threat landscape: NodeStealer, DuckTail, and more

Not quite an Easter egg: a new family of Trojan subscribers on Google Play

Kimsuky Evolves Reconnaissance Capabilities in New Global Campaign            

Intelligence and Information Warfare

APT28 cyberattack: distribution of emails with “instructions” on “updating the operating system”  

Nomadic Octopus’ Paperbug Campaign  


WinRAR as a “cyberweapon”. Destructive cyberattack UAC-0165 (probably Sandworm) on the public sector of Ukraine using RoarBat

Pro-Russian Hackers Claim Downing of French Senate Website  


How we fought bad apps and bad actors in 2022

So long passwords, thanks for all the phish

Three New BGP Message Parsing Vulnerabilities Disclosed in FRRouting Software   

Twitter admits to ‘security incident’ involving Circles tweets   

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