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Personal info of 90k hikers leaked by French tourism company La Malle PostaleData of more than 2M Toyota customers exposed in ten years-long data breachDiscord suffered a data after third-party support agent was hackedRussia-affiliated CheckMate ransomware quietly targets popular file-sharing protocolBl00dy Ransomware Gang actively targets the education sector exploiting PaperCut RCELeaked source code of Babuk ransomware used by 10 different ransomware families targeting VMware ESXiWhat the Email Security Landscape Looks Like in 2023The Black Basta ransomware gang hit multinational company ABBA flaw in the Essential ‘Addons for Elementor’ WordPress plugin poses 1M sites at risk of hackingExperts share details of five flaws that can be chained to hack Netgear RAX30 Routers We are in the final! Please vote for Security Affairs and Pierluigi PaganiniGoogle will provide dark web monitoring to all US Gmail users and moreNorth Korea-linked APT breached the Seoul National University HospitalTwitter now supports Encrypted Direct Messages, with some limitationsA zero-click vulnerability in Windows allows stealing NTLM credentialsCybersecurity firm Dragos shared details about a failed extortion attempt it sufferedDownEx cyberespionage operation targets Central AsiaSmashing Pumpkins frontman paid ransom to a hacker who threatened to leak the band’s songsUS disrupts Russia-linked Snake implant’s networkMicrosoft Patch Tuesday for May 2023 fixed 2 actively exploited zero-day flawsThe global food distribution giant Sysco discloses a data breachA Linux NetFilter kernel flaw allows escalating privileges to ‘root’Fortinet warns of a spike of the activity linked to AndoryuBot DDoS botnetFBI seized 13 domains linked to DDoS-for-hire platformsNew CACTUS ransomware appeared in the threat landscapeIran-linked APT groups started exploiting Papercut flawMoney Message gang leaked private code signing keys from MSI data breachNextGen Healthcare suffered a data breach that impacted +1 Million individualsWestern Digital notifies customers of data breach after March cyberattackCERT-UA warns of an ongoing SmokeLoader campaignSEC issued a record award of $279 million to a whistleblowerSan Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department paid a $1.1M ransomDragon Breath APT uses double-dip DLL sideloading strategyInternational Press


San Bernardino County pays $1.1-million ransom over Sheriff’s Department hack  

Reverting UAC-0006: Mass distribution of SmokeLoader using the “accounts” theme (CERT-UA#6613)

Western Digital to bring services back online soon after security breach       

MSI’s leaked firmware keys endanger hundreds of devices    

Federal Authorities Seize 13 Internet Domains Associated with ‘Booter’ Websites that Offered DDoS Computer Attack Services  

$10M Is Yours If You Can Get This Guy to Leave Russia   

TSB sees huge fraud spikes from Meta-owned companies, as the Bank issues warning on scale of social media scams       

Dragos – Deconstructing a Cybersecurity Event   

Malicious Actors Exploit CVE-2023-27350 in PaperCut MF and NG  

Silk Road scammer charged with narcotics trafficking and money laundering  


A doubled “Dragon Breath” adds new air to DLL sideloading attacks     

CVE-2023-32233 – Linux Kernel Privilege Escalation: A Critical Security Vulnerability Uncovered

From One Vulnerability to Another: Outlook Patch Analysis Reveals Important Flaw in Windows API  

Cracked password analytics with Kraken  

Chaining Five Vulnerabilities to Exploit Netgear Nighthawk RAX30 Routers at Pwn2Own Toronto 2022   


BlackBit Ransomware: A Threat from the Shadows of LokiLocker

Hunting Russian Intelligence “Snake” Malware       

AndoryuBot – New Botnet Campaign Targets Ruckus Wireless Admin Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

Hypervisor Ransomware | Multiple Threat Actor Groups Hop on Leaked Babuk Code to Build ESXi Lockers   

Intelligence and Information Warfare

Attack on Security Titans: Earth Longzhi Returns With New Tricks    

Justice Department Announces Court-Authorized Disruption of Snake Malware Network Controlled by Russia’s Federal Security Service

Deep Dive Into DownEx Espionage Operation in Central Asia   


SEC Issues Largest-Ever Whistleblower Award    

The MAY 2023 security update review

TikTok Tracked Users Who Watched Gay Content, Prompting Employee Complaints   

About Encrypted Direct Messages

New features and updates to improve online safety 

Critical Privilege Escalation in Essential Addons for Elementor Plugin Affecting 1+ Million Sites    

Toyota: Data on more than 2 million vehicles in Japan were at risk in decade-long breach    

Global Surveillance: The Secretive Swiss Dealer Enabling Israeli Spy Firms    

Henry Kissinger on a potential artificial intelligence arms race  tive Fired From TikTok’s Chinese Owner Says Beijing Australia remains most hacked nation globally despite pleas to lift security standardscess to App Data in Termination Suit

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Follow me on Twitter: @securityaffairs and Facebook and MastodonPierluigi Paganini

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