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Police dismantled bulletproof hosting service provider Lolek HostedPython URL parsing function flaw can enable command executionUK govt contractor MPD FM leaks employee passport dataPower Generator in South Africa hit with DroxiDat and Cobalt StrikeThe Evolution of API: From Commerce to CloudGafgyt botnet is targeting EoL Zyxel routersCharming Kitten APT is targeting Iranian dissidents in GermanyStatc Stealer, a new sophisticated info-stealing malwareCISA discovered a new backdoor, named Whirlpool, used in Barracuda ESG attacksCISA adds actively exploited flaw in .NET, Visual Studio to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities catalogUS Govt launches Artificial Intelligence Cyber ChallengeData of all serving police officers Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) mistakenly published onlineBalada Injector still at large – new domains discoveredEvilProxy used in massive cloud account takeover schemeDownfall Intel CPU side-channel attack exposes sensitive dataLockBit threatens to leak medical data of cancer patients stolen from Varian Medical SystemsMicrosoft Patch Tuesday for August 2023 fixed 2 actively exploited flawsUK Electoral Commission discloses a data breach43 Android apps in Google Play with 2.5M installs loaded ads when a phone screen was offZoom trains its AI model with some user data, without giving them an opt-out optionNorth Korea compromised Russian missile engineering firm NPO MashinostroyeniyaA new sophisticated SkidMap variant targets unsecured Redis serversFBI warns of crooks posing as NFT developers in fraudulent schemaThe number of ransomware attacks targeting Finland increased fourfold since it started the process to join NATOMicrosoft fixed a flaw in Power Platform after being criticizedColorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE) discloses data breach after ransomware attackBlueCharlie changes attack infrastructure in response to reports on its activityCybercrime

Criminals Pose as Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Developers to Target Internet Users with an Interest in NFT Acquisition    

Interpol Busts Phishing-as-a-Service Platform ’16Shop,’ Leading to 3 Arrests

5 arrested in Poland for running bulletproof hosting service for cybercrime gangs

Administrator of ‘Bulletproof’ Webhosting Domain Charged in Connection with Facilitation of NetWalker Ransomware      

Hackers Rig Casino Card-Shuffling Machines for ‘Full Control’ Cheating  


Honeypot Recon: New Variant of SkidMap Targeting Redis   

Invisible Adware: Unveiling Ad Fraud Targeting Korean Android Users   

MAR-10454006.r4.v2 SEASPY and WHIRLPOOL Backdoors  

Statc Stealer: Decoding the Elusive Malware Threat  

Focus on DroxiDat/SystemBC  


UK Electoral Commission – Public notification of cyber-attack on Electoral Commission systems  

Downfall Attacks

Cloud Account Takeover Campaign Leveraging EvilProxy Targets Top-Level Executives at over 100 Global Organizations  

Zyxel Router Command Injection Attack 

Python Parsing Error Enabling Bypass CVE-2023-24329 

Teens Hacked Boston Subway Cards to Get Infinite Free Rides—and This Time, Nobody Got Sued  

Intelligence and Information Warfare

Comrades in Arms? | North Korea Compromises Sanctioned Russian Missile Engineering Company   

Ukrainian official touts country’s wartime cyber intelligence efforts  

Iranian cyber spies are targeting dissidents in Germany, warns intelligence service

MoustachedBouncer: Espionage against foreign diplomats in Belarus

Department of Homeland Security’s Cyber Safety Review Board to Conduct Review on Cloud Security      


Microsoft mitigates Power Platform Custom Code information disclosure vulnerability

Chinese Lawfare in the Maritime, Aviation, and Information Technology Domains       

Zoom can now train its A.I. using some customer data, according to updated terms    


‘Monumental’ data breach exposes names of entire Northern Ireland police force  

Pentagon launches AI competition to solicit help securing computer systems  

Northern Ireland police may have endangered its own officers by posting details online in error

OpenAI’s web scraping GPTBot is under attack – here’s why   

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