Wind Turbine giant Deutsche Windtechnik hit by a professional Cyberattack

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Cyberattack on German wind turbine Deutsche Windtechnik

German wind turbine giant Deutsche Windtechnik announced that some of its systems were hit by a targeted professional cyberattack earlier this month.

The attack took place during the night between April 11 and 12, the company switched off remote data monitoring connections to the wind turbines for security reasons. The connections were resumed two days later, the company pointed out that wind turbines did not suffer any damage and were never in danger.

“Deutsche Windtechnik’s operational maintenance activities for our clients resumed again on April 14 and are running with only minor restrictions. We were able to assess all IT systems in a secure environment and to identify and isolate the problems.” reads the press release published by the company. “The forensic analysis has been completed and the result has shown that this was a targeted professional cyber attack.”

Deutsche Windtechnik did not disclose details about the attack, but experts believe that the company was hit with ransomware.

At the end of March, the Conti ransomware gang hit the manufacturer of wind turbines Nordex, while in early March, wind turbine manufacturer Enercon GmbH lost remote connection to roughly 5,800 turbines due to an attack on Viasat’s satellite network.

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