2 reasons why I’m using WhatsApp and Signal both for texting

Whatsapp and Signal 2 reasons why I'm still using Whatsapp and Signal

In the world of privacy it is more complicated to have Privacy than ever instead of finding nudes on the internet. And using safe communication channels is even more complicated. All the concerns related to Whatsapp since it’s owned by Facebook is therefore valid, where Signal is a different ballgame.
Safe against .. Who or What? Since my crucial question was and is:
Who or What I’m afraid for?
Enemy states. In my definitely since traveling around the globe I’m sometimes leave my Macbook at home, afraid of spying eyes, governmental rules demanding to provide access if requested.
No names of countries, just a small warning..
And afraid for my government? Maybe, it’s not always that transparant, but there’re too many incidents what cannot be explained…

Whatsapp has it’s popularity. Free (suspicious by default therefore) and bought by Facebook. (the Public enemy). And Signal, started by some security and privacy fanatics. And the struggle started: Neighboorhoods started security campaigns via Whatsapp, family groups where created to share pictures, and colleagues share information and inappropriate pictures and movies.

The Good News My signal address book has grown in the last 4 years. Groups where created as well, but more business wise. As a security professional it’s almost mandatory being present on Signal.
Even phone calls are made via this channel and it works. Is it safe. Experts and test has proven it’s value. But.. it’s free as well. (suspicious by default therefore as well)

In 2019 we will see more attempts on breaking and intercepting traffic, some are even valid (terrorist have a broader knowledge gained on security tools). If we want to live in a safe world, we need to controls on communication and verification of no-abuse.
The first results in the Netherlands are raising concerns: our politician have insufficient knowledge of consequences of new Governmental Investigations laws and the threat of abuse is Huge. So the 2 reasons for keep using Whatsapp and Signal are being available for the biggest community used texting services (Whatsapp) and have the ability of Videocalls even with multiple participants in private relation.
For business purposes Whatsapp is a No-Go.

Looking forward to see when companies start Policies against Whatsapp-for-Business colleagues.

What about you? Still on Whatsapp? and what for?