Data belonging 44 Million Pakistani mobile users leaked online

A threat actor is offering a database apparently belonging to Pakistan’s leading telecom service, it includes data of 44 Million Pakistani mobile users.

The threat actor is leaking the database of Pakistan’s leading telecom service Mobilink’s (now @jazzpk).

The database contains personally-identifiable and subscription information for 44,000,000 Pakistanis, including customer full names, home addresses (city, region, street name), National identification (CNIC) numbers, mobile phone numbers, landline numbers, and dates of subscription.

It seems that the huge trove of data was the result of a data breach that took place in 2017, the oldest entries are dated back as 2013.

Actor leaks Mobilink’s (now @jazzpk) database – Pakistan’s leading telecom service.– Database contains information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, national IDs, and more on over 44,000,000 Pakistanis.– Database apparently got hacked in 2017.— Under the Breach (@underthebreach) May 5, 2020Last month, a hacker offered for sale a dump containing 115 Million Pakistani mobile user records for over $2 million worth of bitcoin.

The dump was discovered by a Dubai-based cybersecurity firm Rewterz (@rewterz) that confirmed its authenticity and the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is investigating the matter.

#Pakistan is investigating the authenticity of a #Dubai-based cyber security company @rewterz report that claims the personal data of 115 million Pakistani mobile users is up for sale on #DarkWeb for $2.1m || @PTAofficialpk— Arab News Pakistan (@arabnewspk) April 13, 2020Experts at ZDNet have obtained a copy of the dump containing 44 Million records determined that it is part of 115 Million data dump.

The dump also includes information for Pakistani companies.

At the time it is not possible to determine if the dump has been stolen from Jazz servers, it is possible that hackers breached the systems of one of its business partners or a government organization.

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