It’s the most vulnerable time of the year: X-mas

Santaclaus is hacking

The last weeks of the year are also known as the most vulnerable time of the year. Where working schedules are under pressure, attention is devided for different topics instead of business only.

Holidays are coming

Traditional also the time we;re receiving multiple wishes and cards via email, and a period we spent less time on awareness. In this periods hackers and criminals are ready to take advantage of this sitiation.

Where Security departments have difficulties to for-fill all duties, but also neccesary updates are not always done fimely.

And what about personal information, stories on internet and pictures on social media publsihing too much information on you, your personal life and location you’re now.

At our desks we have received demands to not perform Security and Penetration tests on their network; 😀 Sure:
“maybe you should also request it to the Cyber Criminals via DarkWeb? “

I wish you happy days and enjoy this beautifull days and remember:
What can possible go wrong when you sip on your wine tonight?

We will see, we will be in Leipzig with our friend from