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Emotet botnet has begun to use a new ‘Red Dawn templateMalicious npm package ‘fallguys removed from the official repositoryUS DoJ wants the funds stored by North Korea in 280 BTC and ETHGoogle removed malicious Terracotta apps from the Play StoreHackers are trying to exploit DoS flaw in Cisco IOS XR software running in carrier-grade routersQbot uses a new email collector module in the latest campaignResearchers warn of QNAP NAS attacks in the wildDetails of millions of U.S. Voters leaked to Russias Dark Web forumFrance will not ban Huawei from its upcoming 5G networksIran-linked APT group Pioneer Kitten sells access to hacked networksNorway ‘s Parliament, Stortinget, discloses a security breachTor launches Tor Project Membership Program to financially support its workCisco addresses critical code execution flaw in Cisco Jabber for WindowsHackers are actively exploiting critical RCE in WordPress sites using File Manager pluginHackers use e-skimmer that exfiltrates payment data via TelegramMAGMI Magento plugin flaw allows remote code execution on a vulnerable siteNew KryptoCibule Windows Trojan spreads via malicious torrentsAlphaBay dark web marketplace moderator was sentenced to 11 years of prison timeCyber Defense Magazine – September 2020 has arrived. Enjoy it!Is the Belarusian government behind the surveillance Android app banned by Google?The Twitter account of Indian Prime Minister Modi was hackedEvilnum APT used Python-based RAT PyVil in recent attacksSunCrypt Ransomware behind North Carolina school district data breachU.S. Department of Defense discloses details about critical and high severity issuesWarner Music Group online stores hit by look-like Magecart attackA full replacement of all Huawei and ZTE hardware on American wireless networks will cost $1.837bnFBI issued a second flash alert about ProLock ransomware in a few monthsHackers use overlay screens on legitimate sites to steal Outlook credentials

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