US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warns Italy over 5G Chinese equipment supply

US continues to warn its allies over China’s “predatory approach” especially for 5G technology, this time US Secretary of State alerts Italy.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo during the recent meeting with Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio warned Italy of China’s “predatory approach” to trade and investment.

Once again US is warning its allies over Chinese 5G technology, but the Italian Government explained that its special powers over 5G supply deals would mitigate any risk.

According to Pompeo, China and its technology pose a serious threat to the homeland security of the US and its allies.

“China has a predatory approach in trade and investment” and represents a “mutual threat” to the two countries” explained Pompeo during a joint press conference with Italy’s Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio.

“When the Chinese Communist party shows up to make an investment to gain political power or threaten a nation’s security, that’s what needs to be protected against,”

Di Maio explained that the Italian Government opted to protect its infrastructure invoking the so-called “golden powers” in supply deals for fifth-generation (5G) telecom services. According to Di Maio, the golden powers over the supply deals on technology “make [Italy] among the most advanced in Europe on security”.

“We have no intention of taking part in trade accords that might harm our sovereignty as a state,” he added.

In September, Italy has exercised special powers in relation to the purchase of goods and services. The Italian government will impose conditions and technical specifications forthe purchase of equipemnt and services for its 5G infrastructure.

In August, Romania announced it will ban Chinese giant Huawei from its 5G network, reads a joint statement signed by the Romanian and US presidents.

In April, British Government approved a limited role for Huawei in the building of a national 5G network in the country, ignoring security concerns from senior ministers. In December, a Czech cyber-security agency warned against using Huawei and ZTE technologies because they pose a threat to state security.

The Chinese giant was already excluded by several countries from building their 5G internet networks. The United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan announced the exclusion of Huawei technology for their 5G internet networks.

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